[NEW] PvP Gameplay Update! – Plunder Mode

[NEW] PvP Gameplay Update! – Plunder Mode


There will be a major PvP gameplay update in mid September. (Build Version: 1.19.0)

The existing PvP mechanics had a few problems with match rules, match progression, plunder amount, etc. We’ve been doing our best to fix the issues, and we have decided to improve the gameplay to a whole new level.

Thank you for your love and support, Commanders!

The upcoming update is as follows.

  1. Plunder Mode and Ranked Play have been separated.
  2. Each mode has distinctive match rules, victory conditions, and victory reward policies.
  3. New, optimized arms will be updated in each mode.

We will introduce and explain the upcoming update through our web postings!

Plunder Mode Updates!

You had to consider two things at once in Multiplayer, Commanders.

Although it is necessary to destroy resource buildings and plunder resources to enhance your arms and upgrade your base, the actual objective had to be focused on victory, since there were a limited number of attacks allowed.

In the new and updated Plunder Mode, all you have to do now is plunder as much as you can according to your own strategy.

1. You don’t have to use gas in Ranked Play, which is separated from Plunder Mode. This means that gas will only be used to plunder resources.

2. You can get Victory Stars, based on the amount plundered. The attacker will be able to get a resource bonus, according to the number of Stars received.

  • Plunder 30% of the obtainable resource amount.
    Obtain 5% of the amount plundered as a bonus.
  • ★★
    Plunder 60% of the obtainable resource amount.
    Obtain 10% of the amount plundered as a bonus
  • ★★★
    Plunder 100% of the obtainable resource amount.
    Obtain 15% of the amount plundered as a bonus

3. Matching System Update

  • The resource amount available for plunder will be added to the matching logic. The user who owns the largest amount of resources among the randomly picked user pool with HQ Level and MMR will be the highest priority.
  • Match opponents will stay put for 45 sec so that other users cannot steal the current opponent.

4. Plunder Drone

  • The first device which is updated for the Plunder Mode will be this drone. The Plunder Drone has a cloaking ability while moving, deals additional damage to buildings, and has a fast attack speed.
  • It can also be used in Ranked Play, but it might not be efficient.

The upcoming PvP update will energize your gameplay!
We will tell you the details of Ranked Play (new leagues, Rocket Coin Shop, etc.) in “PvP Gameplay Update – Ranked Play” so stay tuned!

See you in the game!
Thank you.

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