[News] Update Sneak Peek – Loot mechanic changes!

[News] Update Sneak Peek – Loot mechanic changes!


We have two updates coming up! The first update is version 1.18.5 which will introduce a new looting mechanic and some balance changes. This update will be applied by the end of August in preparation for the big update coming after!

Expected Update & Maintenance Schedule
Aug. 28, 5:00am – 8:30am (UTC+0)

What’s new in version 1.18.5?

1. Loot mechanic changes

The amount of resources that can be looted will now vary depending on the amount of Resource buildings destroyed at the base.
(ex. 20% of resources will be looted when 20% of a Residence is destroyed. 85% of resources will be looted when 85% of a Gold Storage is destroyed.)

2. Balance changes

We’re thankful for the feedback we received regarding Defenses, Arms, and Skills and we have noted that there are some aspects that needs to be changed in them. Here are some of the balance changes that will be applied in the upcoming update.


  • Laser Turret: Narrowed defensive range for building levels 1 ~ 7. The covered defensive range will be wider once the building is upgraded.


  • Scout Drone: Scout area range will be wider for all levels. Additionally, as the Scout Drones’ level increases, the cooldown time and required BP will be decreased.
  • Bomber Ball: Required BP for deploying has been reduced from 6 to 5. Its Health and Dropship Health increased for all levels as well
  • Bounce Rocket: Damage and Missile Attack Bower increase for all levels.


  • Blitz: Using this skill item will now increase both Attack and Movement Speed.
  • Med kit: Health Regeneration rate has been increased.

The second update will bring us the new Ranked Play mode and League system! Version 1.19.0 is scheduled to be released on Mid-September 2019, stay tuned for more information about the new content in the coming weeks!

Before the version 1.18.5 update comes, make sure that your game data is linked to either FB or Google Play / Game Center to avoid data loss.

Get ready for these upcoming updates and revise your strategy as the coming battles will be more intense than before!

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