[Update] Patch Notes – July Update

[Update] Patch Notes – July Update

Hello commanders!
The very first update of Mad Rocket phase 2 is finally coming very soon! Below are the changes that will be applied under the new game title “Rocket War: Clash in the Fog”.

Expected maintenance date: July 18, 5am – 8am (UTC+0)

New weapons

Here is a list of new weapons and the levels at which they will be available.

  • Bouncing Rocket, available at HQ level 4
  • Elite Riflemen, available at HQ level 5
  • Bomber Ball, available at HQ level 10

Skill items

Alongside the weapons, skill items can be used to enhance the gameplay strategies. Here is a list of skills that will be added.

  • Flare
  • Med Kit
  • Blitz
  • Lock Down
  • Ghost Arms (Dreadnought)
  • Carpet Bombing (tentative name)
  • Wipe Out (tentative name)

Revamped weapon upgrade system

Parts will no longer be used to upgrade weapons. Instead, each weapon will require their own cards to upgrade. Weapon levels will be displayed in whole numbers and will no longer be in decimal form.

Additional requirements to upgrade the HQ

In order to upgrade the HQ, some buildings will be required to reach a certain level.

Chest rewards for leveling up

A reward chest that contains various items will be given when you upgrade your HQ.

Other changes

  • Global chat will be added
  • Daily missions will be available
  • 30 day login reward system will be added
  • Gas will not be consumed for battles lost in PvE mode
  • The construction time for resource buildings will be adjusted
  • UX improvements and minor bug fixes

Other Notes:

*Starting from ver. 1.18.0., on application markets, the publisher for Mad Rocket: Fog of War (now Rocket War: Clash in the Fog) will be changed from 4:33 (FourThirtyThree) to Ratatat Studio Inc.

If you want to read more on the changes that are going to be applied, please visit the links below!

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July update preview part 2: New! Skill System
July update preview part 3: Revamped Weapon Upgrade System

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