[News] Mad Rocket Phase 2 Coming Soon!

[News] Mad Rocket Phase 2 Coming Soon!

Hello commanders!

We present to you our new game logo! 

Starting from the 1.18.0. update to ver. 1.20.0, updates that we are planning include many huge changes. Considering our future plans of expanding and improving the game, our team decided that the title of the game needs be changed – hence the new logo! 

In the second phase of Mad Rocket (Rocket War), with our brand new game logo and title, we promise to provide our commanders better service and gaming experience.

Here are a couple changes that will be made in the second phase of Mad Rocket (Rocket War)!

–   New weapons
–   Better upgrading system for the weapons
–   New skills that adds even more depth and strategy to the game!
–   Better matching system and the gameplay mode will be divided into two modes: Loot Mode and Rank Mode

Please look forward to the second phase of the game! We’ll soon be back with the part 3 of the July update sneak peek!

See you all soon!

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