[News] Update Sneak Peek Part 2: New! Skill System

[News] Update Sneak Peek Part 2: New! Skill System

One of the big changes that will be applied in the July update will be the new system for the “skill items”. These new skills will maximize the weapons’ abilities which will make each battle more intense and exciting!

Here’s all you need to know about the new skill items:

Skill items are one-time use items that can be purchased from the shop and can be acquired as a Season Pass reward. Up to 3 skill cards can be equipped for each battle.

The number of skill slots that becomes available will be determined by your HQ level.

1st slot opens – HQ LV 3
2ND slot – HQ LV 7
3RD slot – HQ LV 10

Here is a list of new skills!

Clears the fog in the selected area as small projectiles explode.

Med Kit
When the Med Kit is deployed, it roots itself into the ground and emits a healing gas and heals the ground troops within the area for every 0.25 seconds.

Blitz increases the travel speed of Ground Troops within the range. its downside is that it costs a bit of their HP.

Lock Down
Generates high-intensity electromagnetic radiation that causes enemy defense buildings (including mines) to be neutralized for a certain period of time. After the effects wear off, it continues attacking ally troops.

All of the New skills are still being refined and their skills or icons may change.

Here you have the second part of the July update preview! In part 3, we’ll be introducing the revamped upgrade system for weapons.

See you all soon!

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