[News] Update Sneak Peek Part 1: Introducing New Units!

[News] Update Sneak Peek Part 1: Introducing New Units!

Check out the new and improved units for the July update!

Bounce Rocket

Bounce Rocket unlocks at Armory level 4. When the Bounce Rocket lands on a target, 2 additional explosions go off from the sides. Its attack range is relatively short, but it causes great damage and clears a wide area of the fog.

Elite Rifleman

This group is composed of Riflemen at the top of their class. The Elite Riflemen are more skilled, more powerful, and endure more damage than their non-elite counterparts. This unit becomes available to use at Armory level 5.

Bomber Ball

Bomber Ball was created as a result of experiments conducted to enhance Minions. When a bomber Ball detects an enemy building, it detonates itself to cause great damage. The Bomber Ball unlocks at Armory level 10.

Rocketman [improved]

The weight of each Rocketman’s suit is minimized so that mines will not be able to detect them unless they’re dropped directly to the mines.

※ All of the new units are still being refined and their skills or the required level of the Armory to unlock may change.

In part 2, we’ll be introducing new skill items. Hang tight!

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