[Announcement] Season 15 Begins!

[Announcement] Season 15 Begins!

How the Seasons work in Mad Rocket

  • Each Season starts on the last Monday of each month at 08:00:00 (GMT/UTC+0), and ends on last Thursday of each month 08:00:00 (GMT/UTC+0).
  • At the end of a Season, rewards can be received according to your tier and your tier resets.
  • Season Pass is good for one Season only. When the next Season starts, the Season Pass resets. Climb up the tiers with the premium Season Pass!
  • When a Season ends, there is a 3-hour period called “Off-Season”. During this time, battle results will not affect your medal count.

If you have any feedback or any ideas that will make the seasons more exciting, please feel free to send us suggestions! We love hearing from you!

Rocket Team

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