[EVENT] Missile Challenge!

[EVENT] Missile Challenge!

Raining rocket season is here and we’ve prepared a special event for all commanders!

How to participate:

Play a PvP battle with at least 2 types of Missiles and record your gameplay! (The more Missile types you use, the more rewards you’ll receive!)

What to do with your recorded video:

Post your video on YouTube/Twitch/Facebook (pick your preferred channel) and send the link to your video at helpdesk@ratatat.co.kr or DM on Facebook.


For all commanders who send us your gameplay video, 5 Timers and Loot Booster (+100%) will be rewarded!

If your battle deck includes more than 2 missiles, we will send a 1-Hour Timer for each additional Missile.

(E.g. 4 Missiles = 5 Timer, Loot Booster (+100%) AND additional 1-Hour Timers x2)


  • You can participate only once during this event
  • Each missile should be deployed at least once during the battle

If you feel the need to upgrade your missiles for better performance, the Season 14 exclusive deals, “Rocket Missile Chests” are available for purchase! Remember, these special deals end with the current season!

(Shop > Parts)

We’re looking forward to seeing your challenge videos!

Rocket Team

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