[Announcement] Update Sneak Peek! – VER. 1.17.0

[Announcement] Update Sneak Peek! – VER. 1.17.0

Hello, Commander!

Season 14 will begin soon and the new season will also bring new changes! Below are some new features and improvements that will be made in the beginning of the season!

※ New features

Before getting into the new and improved features, we need to mention some new items that will be introduced to the game.

Loot Booster

“Loot Booster” will boost the amount of loot you collected by 50% or 100% when it is activated. When the new update is applied, we will be giving out Boosters as a daily gift for Season 14 so be sure to log in often to not miss any!

2h, 4h Shield / 5m, 1h, 12h Timer

Along with the Loot Booster, you’ll also see 5-min and 12-hour Timers, and 2-hour and 4-hour Shields.

Due to the introduction of new items, we felt the need to improve the current inbox system by adding an inventory system to allow our players to check and receive items more conveniently.

※ Improvements

In addition to the aforementioned features and improvements, we’re also working on improving the current UI/UX for the Clan War based on feedback and ideas that our players sent to us.

Here we looked at some changes that are going to be applied for the Season 14. We’ll be back soon with a patch note for the update 1.17.0.

Hang tight!

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