[News] First Week of Season 13 – Current Rankings

[News] First Week of Season 13 – Current Rankings

Here is the list of top 10 clans for the first week of Season 13! The top 10 list is made based on the data from March 28 – April 7.

Several Clans tied for 10th place but the clan with the most battle stars took 10th place!

How the point system works:

Top 10 clans are selected based on clans’ each battle results. (5 points for each battle won / 3 for draws, 1 for lost battles)

 If there is a tie, the winner is decided based on (1) the total number of battle stars they earned and (2) destroyed percentage.

Don’t forget, Each member of the Clan that takes 1st place for Season 13’s Clan War gets a $10 gift card for Google Play/App store!

Good luck!

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