[Release Notes] VER. 1.16.0

[Release Notes] VER. 1.16.0


During the first half of 2019, a lot of positive and exciting changes are going to be applied! Currently, our team is getting prepared for these updates that are going to be added to Mad Rocket.

The changes that are being made in VER. 1.16.0. are some adjustments in preparation for the new content that will be released soon. We’ll soon start sharing more information about the upcoming updates! (You can look forward to it!)

Maintenance break: March 11 (MON), 05:00 (UTC+0) – 08:00 (UTC+0)
MRFOW will not be accessible during the maintenance.

Release Notes

Clan War is finally coming! Until now, collecting as many stars as possible by playing PvP battles for clan mission rewards was the primary objective of clans. With the Clan War update, collaborating as a team to claim victory over other clans for rewards will become the main objective!


  • Clan War will be added (We’ve prepared an event to celebrate the first Clan War – create a clan during March 11-28, no gold needed!)
  • Chests that can be purchased with Eternium will be removed from the shop.


  • In the Parts Lab, the icon of weapons that use the selected Part for an upgrade will be displayed.
  • When the remaining construction time is less than 5 minutes, you’ll be able to complete the upgrade for free.

Balance update

There will be a huge change to the upgrade system for attack and defense buildings. Look out for the reveal very soon! To make battles more exciting and to prepare for future updates, some adjustments will be made to the current balance. (Please check the link for more details: https://rocketwargame.com/?p=468)

  • Buildings that give 4-second bonuses for destroying them will be changed to 3 seconds
  • Canister Cannon
  • Battle Drone

Other improvements

  • Bug fixes
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