[NEWS] Introducing… the Clan War!

[NEWS] Introducing… the Clan War!

Clan War process

  • Preparation Day (Upgrade weapons and select a base for the Clan War during this time)
  • Day of the War (The duration will be one day)
  • End of the War (The results can be viewed)

Recruit and assemble your clanmates!

The Clan leader can register 15 clanmates to participate in the Clan War and the Clan War can be initiated only by the Clan leader.

Start the War!

If your Clan wants to participate in the Clan War, you must register for the war. Only registered clans with similar rankings will be matched against each other, based on the sum of the members’ attack and defense levels. Each participant can battle only once! Make sure to target an opponent who is a similar match to you.

Clan War Base

If you’re participating in the war, you must select a base for the Clan War. Clan War participants can pick their opponents to battle.

Results of the war will be determined based on the total percentage of the damage to the base (destruction percentage). Therefore, clanmates must cooperate to cut the percentage down effectively.

The total number of stars earned by conquering other clans show your Clan’s dominance in the war. To earn as many stars as possible, clans must have a cooperative team.

Clan War Rewards (Clan Vault)

Bonus rewards received for winning a war will be saved in Clan Vault. Clan War rewards are distributed according to each participant’s contribution to the war. Therefore, it’s crucial to find an opponent who’s a similar match to you – choosing only the weakest opponents may put the weaker members of your clan at a disadvantage when they choose their match.

Other notes on the Clan War

  • You can leave your clan during the war. However, your Clan War information will still remain in the Clan War history.
  • If you leave a Clan during the war then rejoin the same Clan, you’ll still be able to participate in the Clan War. 
  • If there is a clanmate who participated and contributed during the war but left the clan before receiving the rewards, the clanmate’s rewards will not be claimable. 

Let us know if you have any feedback to share about the Clan War! We’ll be back soon with a patch note!

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