[News] Balancing Update

[News] Balancing Update

To make Mad Rocket: Fog of War more enjoyable and to maintain a fair gaming environment, some adjustments will be made to the current game balance. Many factors are considered when changing the game balance, and requires going through numerous playtests, reviewing players’ feedback, and carefully analyzing the play logs to decide whether to make adjustments.

For the upcoming balance update, the Canister Cannon and the Battle Drone’s balance will be adjusted, and the bonus time for destroying buildings will be slightly changed.

  • The bonus time that can be received for destroying buildings will decrease
  • Canister Cannon will receive a buff
  • Battle Drone will be weakened

Planning various combat strategies

In the current state of the PvP mode, the outcome of battles is too heavily dependent on the first half of the match, giving the attacker a high chance of winning without putting much effort in the latter half.

Due to this issue, from the defender’s point of view, strategizing for better defense and improving the base layout is nearly meaningless, which makes it much less entertaining to improve and to come up with better defense layouts. To fix this problem, we decided to decrease the amount of bonus time that can be acquired by destroying buildings. Since less bonus seconds will be given, using tiles efficiently and placing buildings effectively will become two crucial factors that decide the result of battles. Also, with the increase in the defense success rate, it will be less difficult to maintain resources.

The new Canister Cannon

The Canister Cannon is one of the newer units that defends the base from both Air and Ground units. However, despite its utility, the Canister Cannon has been undervalued by many commanders. As a part of the balance change, the Canister Cannon will receive a buff (DPS will be nearly doubled). Check out its abilities and see how you can utilize the Canister Cannon!

Changes to Battle Drone

The Battle Drone is one of the newer units that was added along with the Canister Cannon.

The Battle Drone was designed to function as a support unit that helps explore the base in complex battle layouts. However, with Battle Drone’s current stats, rather than coordinating with other weapons, it has nearly taken over other units’ roles and replacing crucial units. To fix this, some tweaks will be made to Battle Drone’s HP, DMG, and its speed so that it can fulfill the role it was originally designed to have.

One thing to note is that these changes are not a permanent change. If you have any suggestions or other ideas to improve the current balance, feel free to share your feedback!

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