[News] Clan War (Pre-Open) is Starting Soon!

[News] Clan War (Pre-Open) is Starting Soon!

If you are not in a clan, now is the time to start looking for one to join!
As you might have already noticed in the World Map, the very first Clan War (Pre-Open) will be introduced in Season 12.
Before the Clan War starts, here are some information about the new content.

Leader of the Clan War
The Clan War can be initiated only by the Clan leader.
The Clan Leader can register Clanmates to participate in the Clan War.

Great teamwork is key
Some clan members might explore the base to clear the fog. Others may destroy defense buildings or target resource buildings for loot.
Only the clans whose members work together and coordinate attacks will be successful.

The strength of your units will lead your clan to victory
A strong army is the stepping stone to victory. Prepare ahead and level up your units to be ready for battle!

Defending is just as important as attacking!
Work on improving your base layout until it’s impenetrable!
The strength of your units is not the only factor that affects the result of the war. It is heavily dependent upon the defense of your base.

Other notes:

– Some adjustments (balance changes) will be applied which will help increase the rate of successful defense.
– Clans of similar rankings will be matched against each other.
– The Clan War will award the highest amount of resources out of all the modes in the game.

Sit tight, we’ll be back in March with a patch note that will provide more details of the Clan War!

Rocket Team

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