What’s New To PvE Mode? [Part 1]

What’s New To PvE Mode? [Part 1]

Sneak Peek – The New PvE campaign mode!

If you’re looking to find out more about the new PvE campaign mode, you’ve come to the right place!

In this brand new mode, only those who are prepared will be able to clear the new stages. If you’re ready to face the challenge, let’s take a closer look!

The new PvE campaign mode will have two additional modes of difficulty, expanding it to 3 levels in total: Easy (the current PvE mode), Normal, and Hard.

The number of stars for clearing the stages in PvE mode will be increased in the normal and the hard mode, yielding more rewards for commanders who have cleared all the modes and stages

1. New rules for the new modes

The normal and hard modes require you to plan out more elaborate strategies than the easy mode. The new rules that will be applied to the modes are as follows:

[Normal] There will be one or more unit requirements for each battle.
[Hard] There will be unit requirements and limitations for units.

2. New PvE grinding system

In the previous PvE system, you couldn’t earn any more rewards or resources from the same stage once it had been cleared.

For those who like to challenge themselves by playing the PvE mode, with the new update, you’ll be able to clear the stage again for resources as long as you have gas to start a battle.

3. No more benched units!

No units are useless. Of course, some can be used less or be replaced by other units depending on your unit preferences. However, no unit deserves to be benched! The Hard Mode will challenge commanders by limiting usable units. The units’ levels will also have a large impact in the success of your battles.

We’ll soon come back with the Update Sneak Peek Part 2, “Invaders from Majesta”.

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